Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Behind the Scenes for the #HaDWedding

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On February 21, 2015, In2itive Weddings had the complete honor of coordinating the #HaDWedding (Heather Maupin and Dino Aranda). For our first wedding for 2015, our team was ecstatic to jump-start the year with amazing-ness...and indeed…it was.

We began our day approximately at 11 AM and finished setting up at 4 PM. Caroline Tamyose (CEO of In2itive Wedding) had her car packed with millions of boxes filled with glass and fragile material. 

So…to say the very least…. 

The center pieces were art. 

Everything was handmade by the Maupin family. We were (figuratively) given a blank slate and the end result was quite fabulous (we say that proudly!) 

To start off, the #HaDWedding was held at The Grand, at Long Beach. We had the basics foundation set up for us on the table. Here are some before shots: 

It took us a while to layout the center pieces as it required much attention to details. In2itive Weddings accepted the challenge and went to work!


(This was literally 4 pieces compiled into one giant center piece!  Each of these foamed-flowers needed to be in the right angle, matched with the correct glassware—topped with candle-glasses! For a personal touch, the couple had cameras used for table card number holders). 

The end result:
Lit up all night  

Afterwards, we headed over to the ceremony room 

Simplicity is elegant.

Lastly, we had a blast setting up the seating arrangement table! Such a creative idea:
(The idea was having a specific Polaroid represent the table you were placed at. Names were written underneath the photo) 

All in all, it was hard work at the #HaDWedding, but so well-worth it! We couldn’t be happier for the beautiful couple, congratulations!